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Main Objective:

To develop better understanding of the power of confidence and self-esteem (through information, research, training, consultation, recognition of good practice, celebrating diversity, and the pursuit of excellence) in order to enhance personal and public confidence and positivity.


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Why Confidence?

Confidence is an underrated and misunderstood concept. Many people use the word glibly, but don't really appreciate what it means. Did you know that the most valuable personal asset, and the greatest invisible force between any two people - whether in close relationships, or at work - is CONFIDENCE? 

Your confidence and feeling of wellbeing drives your emotional health, which dictates the nature of your actions, the reaction of others, and routinely, the quality of your life.

Try putting two people of different confidence levels together as a couple, or as a work team, and see how long they last? It would be like a continual tug of war, plagued with frustrations! The confident person is likely to be suggesting ideas for new activities while the fearful one, with little confidence in him/herself, is more likely to resist them, find fault with them, or feel inadequate in acting upon them!

If someone lacks confidence at a job interview, it is unlikely they will perform at their best, or appear suitable to the challenges involved. They are likely to be unduly nervous and apprehensive which will affect the outcome. Again, in any routine interaction, the confident person will always have the edge. He or she is likely to take the initiative, and will tend to get their way.

Most important, the simplest task can seem onerous, difficult, burdensome and even overwhelming once we BELIEVE we cannot do it. Unless we can change that negative belief, it would be downhill from there. 

People who lack confidence tend to have greater difficulty progressing in life. This is because they lack self-belief, the key element of confidence, and they find it hard to say 'No'. They are limited in vision because everything tends to appear almost impossible, or overwhelming, and everyone else seems so much 'better'. They tend to find it difficult to focus, often seek approval from others, and are continually ruled by fear.

That is why confidence can never be taken for granted. It is an essential ingredient in both personal and business success; in being an entrepreneur with the courage to take risks; in leading/managing others; in achieving dreams and desires and in coping with the adversities of life. A confident person, having firm belief in herself, is less fearful, more positive and motivated, and much more secure and assertive. He is also likely to handle situations much more effectively.

The British Confidence Research Centre is designed to help you make sense of a very important aspect of life. Enjoy!


About The BCR Centre

The British Confidence Research Centre is a voluntary, not-for profit agency. It was created to provide a vehicle to raise awareness of the power of CONFIDENCE through information, conducting research and surveys, and promoting useful and informative contributions to the topic by the following means:

    • Informative Articles 
    • Quizzes and Survey Reports 
    • Training and Coaching 
    • Presentations, Facilitation & Consultancy 
    • Accreditation in Applied Knowledge of the topic 
    • Patrons, Fellowships & Associates 
    • Directory of Expert Practitioners in the field 
    • Pilot Studies in the Effect of Confidence on Personal Achievement 
    • Awards for Excellence in Motivational Practice

Informative Articles
These will come from any source that relates to the topic. However, they should enhance knowledge of the topic in some way, and contribute positively to the ongoing discussion. Over time, it is expected that these articles will be generated by mainly by BCRC's Fellows and Associates. 

Quizzes & Survey Reports
The responses to all the quizzes on the BCRC website will be analysed every three years to give a snapshot of how people feel about their emotional health, along with occasional surveys relating to personal life quality as it affects various sections of society, especially a focus on the poor, women, and minorities.

Survey Reports Available

Main Surveys Currently Being Conducted
(due 2016 and 2017) 
2. Assessing Personal Empathy 
3. Testing the State of Domestic Relationships 
4. Assessing Personal Fears 
5. Assessing Blockages to Personal Success

Training & Coaching
BCRC aims to provide regular training and coaching, to both individual and corporate audiences, on confidence and motivational issues, as a key aspect of its objective to raise personal and public awareness of the subject. 

Presentations and Facilitation
As part of its training objective, there will also be group presentations and facilitation, mainly through BCRC's Director, to promote the topic and enhance knowledge of it. 

Accreditation in Applied Knowledge of the topic
Accreditation through Confidence Certificates will be provided for users wishing to extend their knowledge further through BCRC's primary 5-day Confidence and Motivation Practitioners Course. This should provide a sound gateway to effective professional practice in the subject. There will also be an extended 15-day Confidence Practitioners Leadership Course for qualified users wishing to be trainers. 

Sponsors, Fellowships, & Friends
BCRC will be encouraging the participation of Patrons (promoters and sponsors), Friends, Members and Fellowships. Interested members of the public can be Friends of the Centre, while Fellows have to be qualified (like writers and practitioners) in the field of coaching and motivation, especially in confidence and self-esteem issues. Significant achievers in motivation would also be welcomed as Fellows. Friends and Members can apply at any time to be involved with BCRC's work, while Fellows will be selected on a quarterly basis. 

Directory of Expert Practitioners
It is hoped that this Directory will gradually come into being as BCRC grows and identifies suitable global practitioners. Suggestions for inclusion is welcome but all entries will need to align with the the Centre's work, and also help to promote it. 

Pilot Studies in the Effect of Confidence on Personal Achievement
These ground-breaking experiments will be executed in partnership with employment centres, businesses, higher education, and the Armed Forces, to test the effect, and outcomes, of high or low confidence on individual outlook, attitude, expectation and performance, and emotional wellbeing. 

Awards for Excellence in Empowerment Practice
A bi-annual Award will be introduced to recognise good practice, especially in self help, business and academia. This Award will particularly focus on the empowerment of staff through policies, regular encouragement and concrete action. 


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If you are lucky enough to be one of the confident people, understanding why you are so confident and self assured could also be useful.

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OR, if you need extra help to improve, have a look at the recommended Self-Help Books to boost your confidence and increase your assertiveness and motivation.

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